Bazabaza Corporation works to ensure that children in rural Africa have the best opportunity to learn and believes in the power of education to help end poverty. The corporation had previously worked with different organizations, businesses and corporate sponsors, who helped them achieve their goals.
This year Baza Education introduces entrepreneurship in their courses with the goal of teaching students how to sustain themselves. To achieve their goals, BazaBaza Corporation is looking for individuals, businesses and corporations who share the same values and are willing to finance and support their programs.
The organization will:

  • update and keep in touch with sponsors and donors through e-mails, website, newsletters, social media and phone about the program they financed.
  • provide quarterly reports to sponsors.
  • feature sponsors in press kits, artists concert, events and other marketing materials.

While working on revenue-generating activities that will sustain the project in years to come, the organization welcomes new ideas and thoughtful suggestions that will make it possible to assist the underprivileged in Africa.