Use $ 100 to Catch your own “Baza Star”
Victoire got her scholarship since 2015 . “Catch your own Baza Star” is a program that is encouraging our gracious donors to sponsor the education of an orphans, or abandoned or underprivileged kid that will never have a chance to go school. Catch that child that is nothing today and make him or her the star of tomorrow. That is what God is expecting from you , because you have been created to help others. “ Be a star maker by catching one”. You can make a difference!
What the Baza Education is going to do with the $100?
What we need for 1 Child:
Reading Book: $5
Match Book: $1.60
Notebooks (2) $2,
Counting Sticks $0.25
2 small wooden black board $0.60
Ruller $0.40
Box of Chalk (2) $4.20
Book Cover $0.40
Pencils $0.0.03
Box of Pen (2) $4.20
Sharpner $0.20
Eraser$ 0.10
Little board Sweeper $0.20
Sport Uniform $7
Shoes $7
Uniform(2) $20
Tuition ( Private School) $50 We choose the private school, because in Togo the teachers are not paid so they dont show at school to teach the students. Parents who has money send their children to private or hire a private tutor for their kids.