Baza Education Supports Orphanages in Togo

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Baza Baza Corporation is a not for profit organization that help orphans and promote education in Togo. Togo is a country in West Africa bordering Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north. It extends south to the Gulf of Guinea, on which the capital Lomé is located. The impact of AIDS is extremely severe and wide-ranging. Life expectancies have fallen below 40 years in this country, where as they would have been above 60 years without AIDS. Most AIDS deaths occur among young adults, and these deaths have a devastating effect on families, communities and economies. The epidemic is wiping out development gains, orphaning millions of children around Togo because of the deadly virus of HIV.
My brother Celestin Mawussi found CEHBED (Center for orphans and abandoned kids) an orphanage since 1998. This orphanage becomes the priority of our family. We took homeless children from the fishing beach, prostitute place, market place, some village to provide at least a place to lay their head and one meal a day (that all we could afford at that time). My vocation is to take care of the well being of the kids and my brother does homeschool for them. I used to cook and take them to the hospital when they get sick. I always enjoyed myself doing whatever I can to build the kingdom of God in those precious children’s lives. What I like about them is the quick change in their live when they came to the CEHBED center. The little one became so attached to me. When I put them on my back (as custom in Togo), they cuddled so much. It felt like no one had ever hold or hug them. So when I was leaving home to America I vowed to myself to take care of the orphanage as much as I could by the grace of God of course.
When I came USA, things are not like the way we perceived them back home. I got to go to school and face others responsibilities too. But I get caught up with all those major things and I started providing food for CEHBED every month. I helped with the school tuitions for them every year, because of my small budget some of them are home because I could not afford sending all of them to a real school. Quickly another brother Elom Mawussi formed a group on Facebook called Baza Baza Concept that promote a real and divine love. A group of more than 13 000 members embrace this vision of caring for the orphans and promote education. The members that are based in Togo go to the orphanage to help out the staff. For the education area, we wanted to do something so our brothers and sisters can get a better education. Our country’s education system has suffered from teacher shortages, too much cut of education budget, lower educational quality in rural areas, and high repetition of classes and dropout rates. Sometimes the Parents have to gather money to pay the teacher so he/she can show up and teach. Also the student that had their diplomas couldn’t find a job in the market: The employment rate also is ranking so high to 24.3%.
It deeply hurt us as Togolese to see that the next generation is not getting an adequate education. The future of our country is fading away because education is the key to a successful country?
We came with a project called “Baza Education”a free tutoring program that help the student of poor families in exam classes. We recruit the graduate that is unemployed to tutor the student. We pay the tutors $2 per class. We raised most of the money on the group page on Facebook.
Today, Baza Education is a PROUD SPONSOR for the orphanages such as Cehbed at Adetsikope and Bon Berger at Tsevie .
Eunice B. Mawussi

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