Use $ 100 to Catch your own “Baza Star”

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Use $ 100 to Catch your own “Baza Star”
“Catch your own Baza Star” is a program that is encouraging our gracious donors to sponsor the education of an orphans, or abandoned or underprivileged kid that will never have a chance to go school. Catch that child that is nothing today and make him or her the star of tomorrow. That is what God is expecting from you , because you have been created to help others. “ Be a star maker by catching one”. You can make a difference!
Our purpose
Baza Education‘s purpose is to promote higher quality education in rural zones in Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Our mains purpose will be on intensive assistance to the students in exam’s classes and the underprivileged student in rural areas. This program will contribute in substance to the reduction of the high rate of unemployment by hiring tutors that are paid every week.
Our Objective
• Free tutoring to poor students in exam‘s classes
• Scholarship to children who could not ever afford a basic education
• Financially supports to tutors (unemployed graduates)
• Distribution of school suppliers
• Introduction of a balanced meal to the students before classes
Millions of children living in poverty miss out on the chance for an education simply because the parents can’t pay for essential supplies that go hand-in-hand with learning. That’s why Baza Education creates “Catch Baza Star” — a program that inspires hope in underprivileged kids ( that could never have a chance to go to school) by providing them with the valuable school materials they so desperately need.
The education system in the least developed countries has suffered from many short falls such as: teacher shortages, too much cut of education budget, lower educational quality in rural areas, and high repetition of classes and dropout rates. In many rural areas or villages the public education is defective, so the parents have to gather money to pay the teacher so he/she can show up and teach. The parents who are poor are obliged to keep their children at home. Baza education is giving those kids a chance to be in a private school so they can get a better and quality education.
Baza Education
Our Actions
Baza Education is enterring her third years of operation in 9 different locations in Togo. So far we have work with 1682 students, 115 tutors and 5 cordinators. Baza Education supports primary, secondary and third exams with impressive results: The rate of success is 97%CEPD, 100% BEPC, 89% and 92% I BAC BAC II well above national averages obtained by Togo. Our student is the the first of all the school of the locality
Short term Goals are geared towards good academic performance combined with personal development to produce a well-rounded individual with the qualifications and skills.
What the Baza Education is going to do with the $100?
What we need for 1 Child:
Reading Book: $5
Match Book: $1.60
Notebooks (2) $2,
Counting Sticks $0.25
2 small wooden black board $0.60
Ruller $0.40
Box of Chalk (2) $4.20
Book Cover $0.40
Pencils $0.0.03
Box of Pen (2) $4.20
Sharpner $0.20
Eraser$ 0.10
Little board Sweeper $0.20
Sport Uniform $7
Shoes $7
Uniform(2) $20
Tuition ( Private School) $50 We choose the private school, because in Togo the teachers are not paid so they dont show at school to teach the students. Parents who has money send their children to private or hire a private tutor for their kids.

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