Alabama : Baza Education meeting / fund raising Dec 16

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Alabama : Baza Education meeting / fund raising Dec 16
Baza Education project is set up by a group of young Togolese, residing in the USA, and are concerned by the state of education in Togo and want to bring supports to the youth of Togo. Our country’s education system has suffered from teacher shortages, too much cut of education budget, lower educational quality in rural areas, and high repetition of classes and dropout rates. Sometimes the parents have to gather money to pay the teacher so he/she can show up and teach. Also the student that had their diplomas couldn’t find a job in the market: the employment rate also is ranking so high.
It deeply hurt us as Togolese in USA to see that the next generation is not getting an adequate education. The future of our country is fading away, because education is the key to a successful country.
Our Objective

  • Free tutoring to poor students in exam ‘s classes
  • Financially supports tutors (unemployed graduates)
  • Creates a cultural bridge between the students and the project children Togolese diaspora
  • We feed the students before classes

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