From my heart to Baza Population

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Thank You
To Baza team USA and Canada
A million thanks You have been a dedicated team for almost four years and you have shown how important it is to help others without getting paid. Thank you! Baza Education truly appreciates your kindness in so many ways. God bless you !
To Baza Team Togo
You are an amazing volunteer! Thank you for being the core power of Baza Education. I just hope you continue to be so hardworking and helpful to many needy people. God bless you more each day!
To Baza Cordinators and Tutors
You are such an incredible employees! Thank you for working together with our students on basic learning. Because of your commitment our student had passed their exams.
To Baza Ambassadors
Thank you for increasing the contributions of individuals and groups to Baza Baza Corporation by building relationships and exploring new fundraising opportunities from various sources.
To Baza Partners and sponsors
I would like to thank you for extending your helping hand towards to us when we are in need. Whether is sponsoring a student, buying and shipping school supplies, crafting our website or putting our articles on medias. You are such kind-spirit and I heard you never stopped offering your help to others which is incredibly a good one! Thank you again!
To Baza Baza Concept Family
I want to take this opportunity to express my warmest gratitude for being a great supporter of this vision. Baza Education started because of you.

To Our Lord Jesus
You are the most amazing Boss and yet great partner. This divine vision, Baza Education is well know today because of you. You crafted everything from the beginning. We are grateful that this year more blessings await the students of the project.
Without all of we cannot do it. Words cannot express how much Baza Education appreciates your kindness and generosity. God bless! Your hard work is the reason to my success. May God opens more Doors for us in the years to come !!!!

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