Do you wish to become a Baza Ambassador?

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A Baza Ambassador is a volunteer who organizes local fund raising. Its main role is to help increase and maintain contributions of individuals, associations and churches to the corporation Baza Baza in his place of residence
An ambassador Baza plays one of the following roles:

  • Raising awareness about the aims and objectives of the corporation.
  • Conduct background survey activities and events at least once in the year, such as:
    car wash
    Garage Sale
    Bake Sale
  • Send letters of “Fund Raising” already written by the corporation to existing and potential donors.
  • Sponsor a street child $100 a year.

Who can become an Ambassador Baza?
Anyone who has the desire to help underprivileged children in Africa á get a better education.
How to become an ambassador?
1) Click on this link
2) Fill out the form
3) Or send an email to
4) Or contact 615 424 3297
Ambassadors can form their own team that should be approved by the Board of Directors of the corporation. Together we can give a better education to the next generation.

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