The ultimate goal of Baza Education is to empower the leaders and innovators of tomorrow across Africa

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Baza Education tutoring program aims at the very basic level to help the student pass their exams successfully. In under developed countries like Togo, passing an exam or graduating on its own is a big achievement as it empowers the graduate with a fundamental knowledge to succeed in society. The inherent developmental need of the country requires top graduates with good scores that can tackle the multitude of present and future development and infrastructures jobs. Baza tutoring programs therefore aims for highest scores in order to place its graduates at the frontline of innovation.
The ultimate goal is to empower the leaders and innovators of tomorrow across Africa. Through Baza Counseling program not only will these students get prepared for top roles, they are also prepared to be top moral models and self-starters. The counseling program gives a unique focus on social behavior, discipline self confident , honesty and critical thinking and respect.
Higher education is very selective in African countries especially in Togo. It is therefore very important for our students to earn high scores in order to be awarded a spot at major universities.
We are preparing them to be honest workers, self starters, to be true to themselves , to aim for an ideal, to fight corruption and to help each other.

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